shaped frames

Shaped Frames

  • Investment in specialised shaping equipment
  • Quality Liniar profile
  • Hand shaped and hand finished
  • Turnaround of 3-4 weeks for arched frames
  • Any bespoke shape design request welcome
  • Shorter lead times than competitors

Features & Benefits

Shaped Frames
Liniar Profile
Our shaped frames use the renowned Liniar profile. We create our curved window frames with this profile due to its superior thermal efficiency, security, weather resilience and longevity.
Shaped Frames
Stunning Finish Options
We offer shaped frames in a wide variety of finishes. From bright, bold colours to classic neutrals, we can provide a colour to suit any project. We can even offer woodgrain finishes. Impress your customers with variety.
shaped frames
Bespoke Shapes
Here at Garden of Eden, we are not afraid of a challenge. We have a selection of arched frames in stock, but if you’d like a more bespoke design, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team are more than up to the task.
Fast Turnaround
We always keep a variety of shaped frames in stock, meaning we can offer incredibly short lead times. Further to this, our specialised equipment lets us create bespoke shapes faster than our competitors.
Affordable Prices
Here at Garden of Eden, we believe that style shouldn’t cost the earth. That is why we offer a wide range of unique, shaped frames for competitive prices. Our low prices let you stay competitive.
Glazing Options
As well as offering a wide range of shaped frames, we can also provide a selection of glass options. With the choice of double or triple glazing, as well as decorative options, we have something for every project.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Patented Bubble Gaskets
Our shaped frames benefit from the patented Liniar bubble gaskets. These create a tight seal that keeps out the weather.
Lead Free
As with all Liniar products, these shaped frames aren’t made using lead. As a result, they are a better choice for the environment.
The Liniar profile we use features multiple chambers. This design traps pockets of warm air, creating an insulating barrier.
Our shaped frames use the lightweight, Liniar profile. With less reinforcement, the frames are lighter and easier to install.
Trickle Vents
With innovative trickle vents, the Liniar profile is designed to channel rain water away and prevent it from pooling.
British Made
Our shaped frames are made in Britain. From extruding the plastic to hand shaping the frame, each step takes place locally.

Handle Options

Black - Offset
polished chrome
Chrome - Offset
polished gold
Gold Chrome - Offset
satin chrome
Satin Chrome - Offset
White (Black Button) - Offset
White (White Button) - Offset

Glazing Options

charcoal sticks
Charcoal Sticks

Trade Supply

We have been delivering exceptional service and market leading products to trade for over 40 years. Our shaped frames are available for delivery within 150 miles of our headquarters in Swindon. So, if you are a trade company based in Wales, Northampton, Somerset, Bournemouth, Sussex or nearby locations, get in touch with Garden of Eden today. We can’t wait to start working with you.

Short Lead Times

The demand for shaped frames is growing, as homeowners have started searching for more than the traditional, rectangular designs of the past. To help you meet the increasing demand, we keep a range of shaped frames in stock at all times. Further to this, our specialised shaping machinery allows us to create bespoke designs with a shorter lead time than our competitors. Enjoy faster delivery with us.

Leading Liniar Profile

To create our bespoke shaped frames, we begin with the renowned Liniar profile. Our skilled craftsmen then hand curve the frame to create the desired shape and then add your chosen glazing. As a result, our arched frames boast the same superior standard of thermal efficiency, weather resilience and security as other Liniar windows. Come to Garden of Eden to enjoy market leading performance and unique style.

Hand Crafted

Our shaped frames are hand finished to ensure that every single one reaches our high standards. We use a combination of market leading technology and manual craftsmanship to create our curved frames. The personal touch that we add to each and every arched frame ensures that you receive a top-quality window of the highest standard. Offer your customers more than mass-produced designs, offer them individuality.


Get In Touch

If you are looking for stunning shaped frames delivered in a flash, get in touch with Garden of Eden today. Our short lead times and quality products make us the ideal choice for trade. Call us in person on 01793 530 808 or fill in our online contact form. A member of our team will be happy to help with whatever you need; they can even provide you with a free quote.