Sheerline Classic Doors Swindon

Sheerline Classic Doors Swindon

  • Revolutionary Sheerline Classic profile
  • A+ DSERs
  • Signature Stepped Looks & Period Inspired Lockbox
  • 60.5mm and 73mm Outer Frame Sizes
  • Featuring Thermlock Core
  • Stunning U Values Of 1.4W/m2K

Features & Benefits

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Thermal Efficiency
Sheerline Classic Doors are designed with double glazing to help keep the heat inside the Swindon property. With U-values as low as 1.4W/m2K, you’ll be able to provide outstanding thermal efficiency, helping the homeowner to not only manage energy bills but also reduce carbon emissions.
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Slimline Frames
With premium grade aluminium profiles, our range of Sheerline Classic Doors are able to maximise the glass surface area. This means more natural light for the interior space, unobstructed views outside and a slick, stylish aesthetic for the installation. Enhance your projects with us.
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Safe & Secure
Keeping Swindon homes protected from potential intrusion is a key advantage that our Sheerline Classic Doors offer. Despite the traditional appearance of the lockbox, this mechanism uses advanced multipoint engineering to resist a wide range of burglary techniques.
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Minimal Aftercare
Beyond the occasional wipe with a damp cloth, these doors will require virtually no maintenance in order to remain in great condition for decades to come. The natural strength of the multichambered aluminium frames and high quality hardware components results in stunning longevity.
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Quick To Install
Thanks to the brilliant engineering and remarkable craftsmanship of our Sheerline Classic Doors, you’ll be able to fit and install these home improvements in no time at all. Our support team will be ready to offer any guidance or help should you require - give us a call on 01793 530 808.
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Industry Leading Quality
Sheerline is renowned for the exceptional quality of their range of aluminium fenestration products, including Classic Heritage Doors. Give your Swindon clients the standard of home improvement that they deserve and elevate your double glazing installation service to the next level!

Survey Sheet

Classic Heritage Door Survey Sheet
classic heritage door survey sheet

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Sheerline Profile Frames

Built In The UK
Sheerline Classic Doors are made in Britain, which ensures that you’ll receive your order in no time at all from a domestic location. In addition, the reduced delivery travel distance will result in a more eco-friendly service.
Beautiful Models
Help your clients to make the most of their Swindon properties with visually striking features. Sheerline Classic Doors offer a unique aesthetic that can’t be matched by the competition. Suitable for both modern and traditional homes.
Environmentally Friendly
The high energy efficiency of our Sheerline Classic Doors ensures that they’ll help homeowners to keep their carbon emissions to a minimum. In addition, the aluminium frames are recyclable at the end of the product’s lifespan.
Bespoke Designs
These aluminium doors are available in a wide variety of finishes, sizes and configurations. You can also choose between two outer frame sizes to find the perfect fit for your next project. Work with our specialist team!
Not only are our Sheerline Classic Doors easy to use thanks to their lightweight frames and precisely fitted hardware, but they’re also available with low gradient thresholds to make them safer for wheelchair users and small children.
Renowned Fabricators
Sheerline are known throughout the world for the outstanding quality that their aluminium products offer. Take your trade to the next level with these brilliant home improvements and satisfy your customers’ needs!
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If you need any more information about our range of products, simply visit our downloads page. You’ll be able to find technical specifications about many of the things we offer, all helpfully stored in one place.

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Sheerline Classic Doors

If you’re looking for a world class supply of aluminium doors, you’ve come to the right place. These exciting new features from Sheerline are already highly sought after due to their versatility and stunning appearance. Whether you’re based in Swindon, Bristol or one of the surrounding areas, we have exactly what you need.

Fully Stocked Warehouse

Keeping our lead times to a minimum is part of what makes our service unbeatable. We have a large warehouse which we keep fully stocked with a broad selection of double glazing products for supply across the region. This can save valuable time, as you’re less likely to have to wait around for your order to be prepared.

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Here at Garden Of Eden, we pride ourselves on diligence, excellence and attention to detail. Our team has years of experience supplying all sorts of windows, doors and unique home features to help upgrade your business and increase the options for your clients. Speak to our professionals if you have any questions!

Fast Delivery

From the moment we confirm your order, we will work rapidly to prepare your Sheerline Classic Door supply and get it sent out to your location. Our streamlined internal processes and open communication with our clients assist in keeping lead times down, helping you to keep to your deadlines and keep your projects flexible.



Sheerline Classic Door Prices Swindon

Get an estimate for your Sheerline Classic Door order, whether your project is based in Swindon or beyond. We have an online contact form that will enable you to send an enquiry and get your questions answered by a professional. Alternatively, you can give our friendly team a call on 01793 530 808.