Tilt & Turn Windows

  • Innovative opening mechanism for standard opening and tilting
  • Quality Liniar uPVC profile for complete performance
  • Doubles up as a fire escape – beneficial for all homeowners
  • Array of high quality colour finishes, including Chartwell Green and Irish Oak
  • Slimline, durable profile, allowing wider spanning glazed areas
  • Always available in stock when you choose Garden of Eden

Features & Benefits

Tilt & Turn
Frame Options
Our tilt and turn windows are fully customisable for your customers and have the option of both chamfered and sculpted frames. There’s something for newer and older properties alike.
Tilt & Turn
By opening so wide from the side of the profile, tilt and turn windows can double up as a fire escape. They are superb additions to three storey townhouses or homes with hard to reach areas.
Tilt & Turn
Effective Locks
Work with Garden of Eden and you can install uPVC tilt and turn windows that are robust and secure. Ours are fitted with highly secure multipoint locking systems, keeping homes protected.
Ventilation Control
Your homeowners get control over their home ventilation with tilt and turn windows. The uPVC framework can gently tilt forward to allow a steady flow of air in, without making it too cold.
Modern Hardware
Liniar’s unmatched uPVC profile is at the centre of the quality tilt and turn windows we supply. Fitted with the latest in weatherproofing and thermal retention technology, your customers get the very best.
For homes in urban areas, tilt and turn windows are perfect. The uPVC and glazing combine to deliver excellent noise reduction. Your customers can feel fully disconnected when you choose our windows.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Frame Options
Our tilt and turn windows are fully customisable, with the choice of a chamfered or sculpted frame.
With such a large aperture, tilt and turn windows can be used as fire escapes. They are superb additions to high rise building.
Premium Hardware
Our uPVC tilt and turn windows fitted with premium hardware. They will continue to offer exceptional performance for many years.
Ventilation Control
Offer complete control with tilt and turn windows. The tilt action is perfect for when homeonwers only want a little fresh air.
Modern Hardware
Liniar’s uPVC profile is the core of our tilt and turn windows. Offer your customers great thermal efficiency and weatherproofing.
For homes in urban areas, tilt and turn windows are perfect. The uPVC and glazing combine to deliver excellent noise reduction.


We are proud to offer a stunning variety of colours for you to choose from. Our products are hand finished and meticulously checked to ensure the coating is in perfect condition. Impress your customers with a dazzling array of choice and a flawless finish.
For more information about our colours, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Irish Oak
Black Brown
Sheffield Oak Concrete
Sheffield Oak Alpine
Turner Oak Malt
Grey 7012
Grey 7015
Grey 7016
Grey 7155
Golden Oak
Gale Grey Finesse
Dark Red
Dark Green
Cedar Wood
Chartwell Green
Grey 7038

Handle Options

Black - Offset
Chrome - Offset
Gold Chrome - Offset
Satin Chrome - Offset
White (Black Button) - Offset
White (White Button) - Offset
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Glazing Options

Charcoal Sticks

Tilt and Turn Windows Delivered

Here at Garden of Eden, we are offer a delivery service with our uPVC tilt and turn windows. If you’re within 150 miles of Swindon – an area that includes Northampton, Bournemouth and part of Wales – you can qualify for the delivery of our quality products. Registering for this takes the stress away from the trade supply process. You can simply order your products and sit back, waiting for them to arrive.

Fast Turnaround

One of our biggest selling points as a window supplier is that a vast range of our frames are kept in stock at all times. With this, you won’t be waiting excessive periods of time for us to receive the products from Liniar, with them often available at the time the order is placed. You can offer your customers faster lead times when you supply through us. They’ll be happier with your service and could become a repeat customer.

More Experienced Suppliers

Garden of Eden have been operating for decades and are one of the Swindon area’s most experienced double glazing trade suppliers. We believe this gives us a heightened level of expertise, important for a complex product such as tilt and turn windows. You want the very best for your business and your customers, and you get that with us. Make the smart decision and supply through Garden of Eden.

Certified Tilt and Turn Windows

Our decades in the industry have allowed us to be scrutinising with the supply chains we work with. We chose Liniar as we believe their products to be innovative and a step up from anything else on the market. Their products are supported by the PAS24 scheme and are also backed by Secured by Design, a police supported initiative. We supply the very best products so that your customers get the same.


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Contact Garden of Eden today if you’re interested in working with our trade supply services. We are more than happy to provide prices for our uPVC tilt and turn windows as well. Leave your details on our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. You’re also more than welcome to call us directly; speak to a member of our friendly team on 01793 530 808.