uPVC Stable Doors

  • Unique split two panel system for practicality
  • High quality Liniar uPVC profile
  • Range of decorative enhancements
  • Long-lasting performance assured for your customers
  • An ideal front or back door alternative for homeowners
  • Personal service with Garden of Eden

Features & Benefits

Stable Doors
Improved Ventilation
Stable doors are split horizontally down the middle. With this, the top half can be opened to allow a steady stream of cool air into your customer’s properties during the warmer summer months.
Stable Doors
Thermal Efficiency
Our robust stable doors offer fantastic thermal retention. Your customers can enhance their home’s energy efficiency, something which will prove massively helpful for those in older properties.
Bi-fold Doors
Secure Locks
The modern locking systems that we use allow our stable doors to offer optimal home security. Multipoint in design, these systems allow homeowners to have complete peace of mind.
Easy to Install
Our stable doors are incredibly straightforward and simple to install. You can easily fit one of these products within a working day, knowing that no cutting or trimming will be needed on site.
Colour Customisation
Our stable doors are available in one of a range of topcoats. We have something for every style of home, allowing you to cater to customers in new and old homes alike. We even have woodgrains available.
Decorative Glazing
Homeowners get complete customisation when you supply through us. We offer a range of decorative glazing options to allow your customers to craft a stable door that is perfect for their tastes.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Weather Gaskets
Innovative weather gaskets mean our stable doors offer total weatherproofing, preventing water ingress and draughts.
Lead Free Design
All of Liniar’s products come from a lead free manufacturing process and are entirely free of lead throughout the profile.
Trickle Vents
The internal components of our stable doors are protected by trickle vents that filter rainwater away from the profile.
British Made
To support British industry and local people, our stable doors are created from start to finish, right here in the UK.
Thermal Chambers
A multi-chambered profile acts as an insulating barrier, allowing our uPVC stable doors to retain as much heat as possible.
Low Maintenance
Our stable doors are low maintenance. They don’t require painting, varnishing or sanding. Sell your customers convenience.


We are proud to offer a stunning variety of colours for you to choose from. Our products are hand finished and meticulously checked to ensure the coating is in perfect condition. Impress your customers with a dazzling array of choice and a flawless finish.
For more information about our colours, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Irish Oak
Black Brown
Sheffield Oak Concrete
Sheffield Oak Alpine
Turner Oak Malt
Grey 7012
Grey 7015
Grey 7016
Grey 7155
Golden Oak
Gale Grey Finesse
Dark Red
Dark Green
Cedar Wood
Chartwell Green
Grey 7038

Handle Options

Anthracite Grey
Hardex Bronze
Hardex Chrome
Hardex Gold
Hardex Graphite
Hardex Satin
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If you need any more information about our range of products, simply visit our downloads page. You’ll be able to find technical specifications about many of the things we offer, all helpfully stored in one place.

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Glazing Options

Charcoal Sticks

Easy Stable Door Supply

Since we started over 40 years ago, we have become one of the go-to trade suppliers for companies in or around Swindon. Our reliable service, practical problem solving and quality products has created a stellar reputation. Our services are available to companies within a 150-mile radius of our main office. If you are in Wales, Northampton, Somerset, Bournemouth, Sussex or nearby, we will deliver to you.

Short Lead Times

We are committed to making our delivery process as smooth, reliable and efficient as possible, so that you are never left in the lurch waiting for products. To ensure that we can keep our lead times as short as possible, we strive to keep almost all of our products in stock at all times. As well as that, we offer an impressive turnaround for custom made designs, such as stable doors with bespoke colour options.

Quality Guaranteed

Whether these stable doors are used as a front entrance or a back door, they will prove a fantastic and lasting addition to any home. We use the highest quality profiles from Liniar and fabricate the frames with the utmost care and attention to detail. Nothing leaves our factory unless it is up to scratch. This high standard across the board ensures that you receive a product that is in perfect condition and ready for immediate installation.

Accredited Stable Doors

As is the case with all of the door profiles from Liniar, these stable doors are fully accredited by the relevant British institutes. They reach the standards of the BBA, PAS24 and BS 12606, meaning that they offer modern levels of performance. On top of this, the profile is also accredited with Secured by Design status. You can offer your customers much more than a door; you can offer them peace of mind.


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Interested in fitting stable doors in your coverage area? Leave your details on our online contact form, and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to discuss things in more detail. Whether it’s a one off project or a consistent supply, we can provide prices for our quality stable doors. If you have any immediate questions, call Garden of Eden today on 01793 530 808.