Benefits of the Sheerline Range

The Sheerline range includes a wide variety of highly efficient, secure home improvement products which can benefit almost any style of property. Below, discover the Sheerline products we can supply, and get in touch with us to get a trade quote.

Sheerline Windows

Our Sheerline window range includes classic and Prestige collections. The classic aluminium windows pass PAS 24 certification, and our Prestige collection can come in a variety of contemporary colours that combine style with high performance in one elegant package. 

Sheerline Door Range

The Sheerline doors we supply include lift and slide patio doors, bifold doors, and classic doors making them suitable for anywhere within a modern home. From kitchens and conservatories to gardens and dining rooms, our Sheerline doors can be a great solution for your customers.

Sheerline Lantern Roofs

If you want to help homes get flooded with swathes of natural light, our S1 aluminium lantern roofs could be perfect for you. With Thermlock multi-chamber technology and durable double glazing, our S1 lantern roofs can withstand a range of weather conditions. We have over 10 modern designs to choose from, making our lantern roofs a highly customisable roof choice that can suit a vast collection of home aesthetics. 

Energy Efficiency

One of the key advantages of choosing the Sheerline range is its incredible energy efficiency across the board. Every one of the Sheerline range comes with double glazing as standard and offers low U-values. The aluminium frames come with polyamide thermal breaks, which help to retain heat alongside the glazing. Homes can remain warm and comfortable all year round without the need for high maintenance techniques. 

Another benefit to offering homeowners our highly efficient double glazed Sheerline range is that it can be a worthwhile investment that can help your customers save on their energy bills. By improving a home’s thermal performance, the owners can rely less on their gas or electricity to stay warm, leading to a better carbon footprint and lower bills over time. 

Sound Resistant

While the double glazing’s main purpose is to regulate the temperature of a property, it also has another benefit. It can help to increase the sound insulation, leading to a quieter and more private interior. This can be combined with our glazing options that can help you offer customers windows or doors within private areas of a home, such as bathrooms and living rooms. 

A more soundproof home can let customers enjoy being louder for longer periods of time without disturbing their neighbours. Additionally, it can help create a peaceful environment free from loud traffic, construction noise, etc. A great marketing point to bring to your customers when you choose the Sheerline range.


Homeowners are always going to have safety and security at the forefront of their minds when choosing to upgrade their home’s windows, doors, or roof. By choosing to install our Sheerline range, you can grant your customers peace of mind. Aluminium is a durable and long-lasting material that can stand up to all sorts of weather conditions and sudden blows. Some of the Sheerline range we supply is PAS 24 certified, such as the classic range of aluminium windows. All of them come with modern multi-point locking mechanisms 

Slim Sightlines

Compared to other materials, the aluminium profiles on our lantern roofs and other classic or prestige Sheerline ranges can provide impressively slim sightlines. Aluminium can be manufactured to be thinner without sacrificing any structural integrity. This allows for more space for our bespoke double glazing letting homes get flooded in more light, and homeowners can enjoy even better unobstructed views. 

Consistent Style

Because the Sheerline range encompasses so many types of home improvement with a collection of robust and vibrant colours, you can benefit from a consistent tone and aesthetic across a home. Homeowners won’t have to worry about going anywhere else when they can come to you for reliable windows, lantern roofs, and a collection of doors that fit anywhere on their property. 

Sheerline Range Prices

Interested in our Sheerline range? You can get a trade quote for our windows, doors, and roof lanterns by getting in touch with us via our contact form. For further information or queries, call us directly on 01793 530 808

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