How Secure are Aluminium Windows?

At Garden of Eden, we know that one of the first things homeowners look for when needing new windows is the safety and security that they can provide. That’s why we supply highly secure Sheerline aluminium windows and doors to the trade in Swindon and the surrounding areas. 

Discover how safe and secure aluminium windows really are and why you should install them for your customers below, or begin your enquiry with our team today. 

Robust Materials

First and foremost, aluminium windows are known for their security due to the main materials that they are manufactured from. Aluminium, steel, and thick contemporary glazing techniques all combine into a package that is capable of standing up to more than the common window.  

Security Features

All of our aluminium window handles are constructed to be impossible to jimmy or force open, thanks to the multi-point locking mechanisms that are incorporated into the frame. Many of our aluminium window styles are also PAS 24 certified, which means that they are rigorously tested to pass modern security requirements for complete peace of mind.  

Weather Resistant

Unlike a lot of other window materials, such as timber, aluminium windows can easily take on all sorts of weather conditions without consequence. Aluminium can very easily resist rusting, and the metal design means that the aluminium window frames won’t absorb moisture. While older timber windows may swell and get stuck from intense heat or dampness, aluminium frame windows will be simple to wipe clean without hampering their smooth performance.

Trickle vents for aluminium windows are designed to allow just enough airflow to help reduce condensation and create a less stuffy internal environment without compromising on security. 

Energy Efficient

Aluminium double glazed windows can reach excellent energy ratings, especially with the smart polyamide thermal breaks that are hidden within the profile and frames. The safety of a window can also be increased with well-made double glazing, as better heat retention can lead to a warmer home with less risk of causing harm to those at risk in the colder months. 

We also have triple glazed aluminium windows available for those projects that require the best in thermal insulation and sound resistance. Triple glazed windows can take security to the next level, too, thanks to the thicker and harder to shatter close together panes. 

Customisable Design

While grey aluminium windows are typically the standard, vibrant colours have continued to take the UK by storm. At Garden of Eden, our aluminium double glazed windows can be coloured in all sorts of colours, so whether you need black aluminium windows, white windows, red, blue, or plenty of others, we can help. 

Lots of the secure by design aluminium windows also have woodgrain foil finishes available, so even those customers in need of heritage aluminium windows can benefit from a classic looking design and superior performance. 

The modern aluminium design of our Sheerline range allows for incredibly slim sightlines and profiles that maintain their gorgeous colour schemes for decades with only minimal maintenance.  

At Garden of Eden, we have a massive collection of glazing options to choose from, including an array of obscuring glass. Obscuring glass can provide increased privacy by preventing outsiders from looking in – perfect for areas that require obscurement, such as bathrooms or certain bedrooms. 

Aluminium Windows Online Prices

Start your enquiry for any of our secure aluminium windows today and help enhance your customer’s homes. For further specifications on all our aluminium framed windows, download some of our brochures, or speak to a team member at 01793 530 808 or leave us a message.

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