Double Glazing vs. Triple Glazing

An increasing number of homeowners across the UK are upgrading their windows – thus upgrading their homes. We are all well aware of the benefits that double glazing can bring to a home, but the developments in triple glazing mean that more of us are considering this as an option. The biggest question, then, triple glazing vs double glazing – which is better? 

Triple glazed flush casement windows on a beige walls behind a bench

Although triple glazing does not boast any additional features when compared to double glazing, it noticeably enhances the existing qualities of double glazing and is exponentially better when compared with single glazing. The fundamental difference between double and triple glazing is the number of panes of glass comprising each unit. Whether a two-pane double glazed window or a three-pane triple glazed window, there is a thin space between the glass panes, which is filled with either air or an inert gas such as argon, krypton or xenon to prevent thermal conduction. For both double and triple glazing, the primary purpose is to enhance insulation and reduce unnecessary heat loss. 

At Garden of Eden, we work with homeowners and their installers to manufacture and supply premium windows and home installations to upgrade the energy efficiency, security and visual appeal of their properties. With rising utility bills hitting homes hard, homeowners are of course keen to make their properties as energy efficient as possible. Over 86% of homes in England have full double glazing already, but many homeowners are still considering upgrading further with triple glazing. The main thing they ask us: is it worth it? We thought about this and have compiled a helpful pros and cons list that you can discuss with your customers when they consider updating their property! 

Triple glazed woodgrain foiled windows on a large modern brick home

Thermal Efficiency

Double glazing is renowned for improving the heat retention of a property by up to 60%, which can make a significant difference to the thermal efficiency of the home and reduce energy bills accordingly. By reducing unnecessary heat loss through the windows with effective glazing, the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of the property will come down by up to 405kg of CO2 per year – the same amount of carbon emitted by driving 2056 miles! That said, triple glazing is a further 50% more efficient, enhancing the insulation of the home massively! This improvement to the home can make the property more environmentally friendly and more economical to run, and it can improve the marketability and value of the property thanks to its new and improved Energy Performance Certificate. 

Equally, well-specified triple glazed windows can help to prevent the property from becoming too warm in the hotter months. The solar heat gain (G-value) in a high quality triple glazed window is approximately 20% lower than double glazing. This means that lower levels of the sun’s radiation can penetrate the property – protecting furniture from sun-bleaching, preventing excess heat in the room in warm weather, and shielding sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the sun. 

Cream triple glazed flush windows on a white wall


By including an additional pane of glass within the window unit, triple glazed windows are stronger and more difficult to break than double or single glazing. This helps to protect the home against external force and can contribute to resisting potential intruders. It is also able to withstand better adverse weather and strong winds, which may cause issues for single glazed units. This is further improved in installations where the middle pane is toughened or laminated to improve durability. Protect the longevity of your project when you choose triple glazing. 

Triple glazed white uPVC bay windows

Economic Impact 

When it comes to buying and installing new windows, triple glazing is more expensive than double glazing in terms of the upfront cost. Double glazing has flooded the market in recent years, meaning that it is cheaper and often easier for homeowners to source installers and products. High quality triple glazed units are, on average, 20% more expensive for the homeowner to purchase in comparison to double glazing. That being said, the financial savings over the lifetime of the windows due to the improved efficiency would be likely to recoup the additional costs in the long run! Despite the higher initial costs, triple glazing can be the economic choice as a long term investment by reducing monthly energy costs and increasing the sale or rental value of the home. 

Double glazing and triple glazing on a modern white and black home

Triple Glazing Prices Swindon

Overall, triple glazing enhances the quality of windows in a property and makes for a beneficial installation. However, whether your clients choose to go for double or triple glazing for their home improvement project, the sensible choice throughout is Garden of Eden. For more information about our windows, you can view our products today and request a quote or send us a message via our online contact form. If you have any questions or would like to chat with a member of our team, call us today at 01793 530 808. We look forward to working with you soon! 

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