uPVC sash windows supply only swindon

Supply Only uPVC Windows Swindon

  • Available with between one and eight panels
  • Range of side, top and fixed panel options
  • Outstanding quality uPVC framework from market leaders Liniar
  • Vast array of colour finishes, all in stock
  • Reliable, friendly service with Garden of Eden
  • Fast lead times and products delivered

Features & Benefits

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Frame Options
We offer both chamfered and sculpted uPVC window frames in Swindon. With these choices, you can make sure these new windows suit your customers home's, no matter their appearance.
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Slim Profile
Liniar's uPVC profiles are incredibly slim, creating a more extensive glazing section. Because of this, they open up living spaces to far more natural light and warmth.
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Secure Locks
Our supply only uPVC windows come with high-security locking systems. Your security features will come with the design, so you won't have to worry about making a complicated installation.
uPVC sliding sash windows supply only swindon
Acoustic Insulation
With uPVC windows, you'll get a durable frame which prevents sound from outside travelling through into homes. As a result, you can help your customers create a quiet living space free from distraction.
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Colour Customisation
Don't let your customers settle for off-the-shelf supply only uPVC windows for their homes in Swindon. Garden Of Eden's designs has incredible colour customisation options, including wood grain finishes.
supply only uPVC window swindon
Easy to Install
Our uPVC windows are easy to install, helping you run your business quicker. You can fit our advanced windows in as little as one hour. You'll be able to save money, time and get a superb window as well.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Weather Gaskets
Our high-performance weather gaskets turn draughts and dampness into things of the past. Prevent water ingress and create warmer homes.
Lead Free Design
Liniar's uPVC profiles are a sustainable investment for businesses in Swindon, thanks to their lead-free design that eschews harmful materials.
Trickle Vents
Moisture can cause problems for windows over time. It's why our uPVC windows have trickle vents, redirecting water for better longevity.
British Made
Our supply only uPVC windows are a wholly British design. We put the finishing touches on Liniar's models for a homegrown window your customers will love.
Thermal Chambers
Our uPVC windows have multi-chambered profiles. Because of this, they'll make homes more efficient, and give your customers huge savings on bills.
Low Maintenance
Liniar's uPVC is low-maintenance and long-lasting. You'll be able to offer a lasting investment that keeps your clients coming back for your business.


We are proud to offer a stunning variety of colours for you to choose from. Our products are hand finished and meticulously checked to ensure the coating is in perfect condition. Impress your customers with a dazzling array of choice and a flawless finish.
For more information about our colours, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Irish Oak
Black Brown
Sheffield Oak Concrete
Sheffield Oak Alpine
Turner Oak Malt
Grey 7012
Grey 7015
Grey 7016
Grey 7155
Golden Oak
Gale Grey Finesse
Dark Red
Dark Green
Cedar Wood
Chartwell Green
Grey 7038

Handle Options

Black - Offset
Chrome - Offset
Gold Chrome - Offset
Satin Chrome - Offset
White (Black Button) - Offset
White (White Button) - Offset
Download Composition

Looking for more technical information?

If you need any more information about our range of products, simply visit our downloads page. You’ll be able to find technical specifications about many of the things we offer, all helpfully stored in one place.

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Glazing Options

Charcoal Sticks

Casement Windows Delivered

Garden Of Eden makes getting stunning supply only uPVC windows in Swindon straightforward. We have decades of experience, and we've used it all in creating our efficient supply process. You can either come to us and collect your windows in person or request a delivery, even if you live as far as 150 miles away from us. Because of this, you'll be able to add new windows to your home in Swindon with far less worry, and you'll stay in control of your investment.

Short Lead Times

Also, we can work quickly and efficiently. When you order a new window from us, you won't have to wait for weeks. We'll work tirelessly to make sure you can pick up your new investment as quickly as possible. If you run a business, Garden Of Eden could help you make your order process smoother and more efficient too. We can work to fast turnaround times for all of our products, including reversible and shaped profiles so that you can react more quickly to your customers' needs.

Quality Casement Windows

At Garden Of Eden, quality runs through our business. It's part of our history, with the team running this company today being part of the same family that ran Garden Of Eden from day one. We pass down our skills and knowledge through generations, meaning you can invest in decades of quality with every one of our windows. Also, we put passion and care into every one of our designs, giving you the supply only uPVC windows you deserve for your business in Swindon.

Accredited Liniar Designs

We work almost exclusively with Liniar to ensure every uPVC profile we supply is a leading design. Liniar's frames come with loads of accreditations, demonstrating their quality and performance. You'll be investing in supply only uPVC windows for your business that are Secured By Design accredited, and feature PAS24-compliant hardware. You'll be making the responsible, market-leading choice for your business, and you'll be able to grow and thrive with us in your corner.