Reversible Windows

Reversible Windows

  • Premium uPVC profile from market leaders Liniar
  • Flush fitting design both internally and externally
  • Available with both double and triple glazing
  • Slim sightlines for wider spanning glass panels
  • Incredible A+ energy ratings as standard
  • Easy supply service with Garden of Eden

Features & Benefits

Reversible Windows
Colour Finishes
Our fully reversible windows are available in a range of fade proof colour finishes. Among these are woodgrains and striking hues. There are options for both new and older properties alike.
Reversible Windows
Low U-Values
When you choose Garden of Eden, your customers benefit from incredibly thermally efficient windows. Our fully reversible windows can achieve U-values of 0.9W/m2K with our triple glazing upgrade.
Reversible Windows
Robust Hardware
We fit robust hardware to all our uPVC reversible windows. This means the systems can withstand years of heavy, repeated use without decreasing in performance. Offer homeowners complete peace of mind.
Modern glazing and an insulating profile allow our fully reversible windows to offer excellent acoustic insulation. This improved soundproofing is beneficial to customers living in more built up areas.
Varying Sash Sizes
Customisable to a homeowner’s tastes, our reversible windows are available in a range of sash options. In addition to smaller profiles, they can be ordered in sizes up to 1250mm by 1325mm.
Easy to Install
You’ll never need to do any cutting or amending on site when you choose our reversible windows. They will always be a perfect fit and Liniar’s design makes them incredibly simple to install by you.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Effective Gaskets
Gaskets fitted around the perimeter allow our reversible windows to prevent water ingress and excessive draughts.
Lead Free Design
Our reversible windows come from a manufacturing process that is completely free of lead and its harmful properties.
Trickle Vents
Another weather protection feature, trickle vents filter water away from the internal components to prevent rotting.
British Made
These Liniar reversible windows are made right here in the UK in Derbyshire. Doing so gives us better quality control.
Thermal Chambers
Our reversible windows come with a multi chambered profile, aiding insulation and helping retain heat during winter.
Low Maintenance
By using uPVC, our reversible windows only require an occasional wipe down from the homeowner after installation.


We are proud to offer a stunning variety of colours for you to choose from. Our products are hand finished and meticulously checked to ensure the coating is in perfect condition. Impress your customers with a dazzling array of choice and a flawless finish.
For more information about our colours, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Irish Oak
Black Brown
Sheffield Oak Concrete
Sheffield Oak Alpine
Turner Oak Malt
Grey 7012
Grey 7015
Grey 7016
Grey 7155
Golden Oak
Gale Grey Finesse
Dark Red
Dark Green
Cedar Wood
Chartwell Green
Grey 7038

Handle Options

Black - Offset
Chrome - Offset
Gold Chrome - Offset
Satin Chrome - Offset
White (Black Button) - Offset
White (White Button) - Offset
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If you need any more information about our range of products, simply visit our downloads page. You’ll be able to find technical specifications about many of the things we offer, all helpfully stored in one place.

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Glazing Options

Charcoal Sticks

Delivered For Trade

Register for Garden of Eden’s trade supply services to have fully reversible windows delivered to your business. A member of our friendly team will visit your business in person to drop your uPVC windows off, assuming you’re within our 150 mile delivery radius. This takes the stress away from your reversible window supply and means you can focus more on completing installations in your coverage area.

Products Always In Stock

What makes our service so unique is that we always have products in stock. Among our reversible window stock, you’ll find a range of different sash sizes as well as an array of different colours, including the less in-demand colours. Doing this means you can work on shorter lead times and won’t be keeping customers waiting. You can complete your installations quicker and make homeowners happier.

Experienced Suppliers

Garden of Eden bring decades of experience to the supply of every window and door. With this, you get reversible windows that come with an assured standard of quality. You’re promised the best, with our heightened level of expertise bringing a keener eye for detail. When you choose Garden of Eden, you get the highest quality uPVC windows available in the Swindon and South England areas.

Accredited Products

By working with industry leading supply chains, we can offer our customers windows that are backed by some of the country’s most stringent accreditation schemes. Our fully reversible windows can be designed to reach Secured by Design standards, which is a police backed initiative here in the UK. In addition to this, our Liniar profiles also adhere to BSI PAS24 standards for their overall performance.


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Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more information about trade supply services. Leave your details on our online contact form and one of our friendly team members will be in touch. They’ll provide you with any answers you need and discuss the needs of your project in more detail. You’re also more than welcome to call us directly on 01793 530 808. We can provide prices for the supply of our uPVC windows over the phone.