• A Passivhaus compliant system featuring laminate glazing
  • Incredibly low U-values which can reach as low as 0.7 W/m2k
  • Achieves the PAS24:2016 accreditation
  • Achieves the Secured By Design accreditation set up by UK police
  • Features 9 internal lead-free chambers
  • Features the patented Liniar bubble gasket and innovative glazing flipper

Features & Benefits

French Casement Doors
Thermal Performance
Our EnergyPlus90 profiles from Liniar are thermally efficient and comply with Passivhaus. With a unique 9 chamber profile, your home will stay at a comfortable temperature throughout all the seasons.
Casement Windows
Weather Testing
EnergyPlus90 has had extensive weather testing carried out on them. They have met and exceeded the BS6375 which have reach other outstanding weatherproofing. Water class E1050 (91mph) 1050Pa, Deflection load – 2000Pa (126mph) & Safety load – 3000Pa (155mph).
Casement Windows
Our EnergyPlus90 profiles are tested to a soundproofing level that will be greatly appreciated by your clients. These profiles are perfect for noisy neighbourhoods and for those who are trying to make their home more peaceful.
Casement Windows
Glazing Options
While other uPVC profiles are limited to only 40mm glazing options, EnergyPlus90 can house 48mm or even 56mm units. This is perfect for projects that are looking for higher performance from their double glazing.
Casement Windows
Secure Solution
The fantastic and outstanding EnergyPlus90 is incredibly reliable. They reach the standard of PAS24:2016 and are Secured By Design accredited. Homes will be kept incredibly secure with these fantastic profiles.
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Low Maintenance
Another benefit that comes from the EnergyPlus90 is the fact that it is low maintenance. This means that there will not need to be much upkeep which will be incredibly appealing for your clients and customers. Get in touch to find out more today!

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Innovative Liniar Profile
British Made
These profiles are made by Liniar who are one of the leading names in the industry in the UK. We then finish the products here, and as a result, we can ensure that our products are of the best quality around.
Lead Free Design
These profiles are incredibly eco-friendly. They do not feature any lead, which means that their harmful properties will not affect the environment. This also means that they are recyclable once they have lived out their lifespan.
Heavy Duty Hinges
The EnergyPlus90 are suitable to be used with heavy-duty hinges and hardware options. There is no need for steel reinforcement due to the unique design of the overall profile. If you have any questions, please reach out to us today!


We are proud to offer a stunning variety of colours for you to choose from. Our products are hand finished and meticulously checked to ensure the coating is in perfect condition. Impress your customers with a dazzling array of choice and a flawless finish.
For more information about our colours, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Irish Oak
Black Brown
Sheffield Oak Concrete
Sheffield Oak Alpine
Turner Oak Malt
Grey 7012
Grey 7015
Grey 7016
Grey 7155
Golden Oak
Gale Grey Finesse
Dark Red
Dark Green
Cedar Wood
Chartwell Green
Grey 7038

The EnergyPlus90 double glazing profile can also come in a range of colours that are stocked primarily for the commercial sector.

This includes popular colours such as White, Cream and Black. They can come in other colours too!
This includes Irish Oak, Sheffield Oak Concrete, Rosewood, Chartwell Green and so many more colours. Get in touch with the team here at Garden of Eden to find out more information about the colour options that we have available on the EnergyPlus90.

Handle Options

Black - Offset
Chrome - Offset
Gold Chrome - Offset
Satin Chrome - Offset
White (Black Button) - Offset
White (White Button) - Offset
Download Composition

Looking for more technical information?

If you need any more information about our range of products, simply visit our downloads page. You’ll be able to find technical specifications about many of the things we offer, all helpfully stored in one place.

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Glazing Options

Charcoal Sticks

EnergyPlus90 Delivered

Garden of Eden wants to take the stress out of your projects. That is why we offer an incredibly efficient service that has only been streamlined over our years of operation. If your company is within 150 miles of our location, we will be able to deliver your EnergyPlus90 profiles right to you. Enjoy hassle-free delivery for trade customers today!

Fast Turn-Around

Another benefit of working with Garden of Eden is the fact that we have quick lead times for our products. We won’t leave you waiting around. This goes for our popular products as well as our more bespoke and intricate double glazing. With fast turn arounds due to products already waiting in stock, you can deliver a streamlined service to your customers too!

Quality EnergyPlus90

When opting to work with Garden of Eden, you will be ensuring that you get only the very best quality for your projects. We have plenty of years of experience in the industry, and that is why we are confident that you will benefit from the best solution for your customer base. Need more information? Reach out to the team today.

Accredited Liniar Designs

As a manufacturer and supplier, we work almost exclusively with industry giants Liniar. This is because we want to provide our customers with the best solutions available for their businesses. We believe in high quality and trust that Liniar will always produce the most innovative installations around including their EnergyPlus90. Find out more by leaving us a message via our online contact form.