• Available in 9 shades to colour match Liniar windows and doors
  • Adhesion to nearly every surface
  • Variety of options to meet every need
  • Anti-fungal silicone to deter mould
  • Fast-drying for convenience
  • Silicone, caulk and foam options

Features & Benefits

To ensure that you can create the perfect finish across your project, our range of sealants are available in 9 colours. These precisely match the stock colours available for windows and doors.
Tried And Tested
The sealants that we offer have been tried and tested by Liniar and by the team here at Garden of Eden. As a result, we are confident in the quality, longevity and performance that they provide.
Fast Drying Formula
For your convenience, our sealants are impressively fast drying. We even offer approved decorator’s caulk that dries in an hour! With Garden of Eden, you can finish jobs more quickly.
Range Of Options
Our range includes: silicone sealants, decorator’s caulk and expanding foam. No matter what your project is, Garden of Eden can provide you with something to meet your needs.
Precision Application
The sealants we offer are designed to ensure a neat and precise application. This means that you can achieve a stunning, flawless finish that adds to the visual appeal of the overall project.
One-Stop Shop
Garden of Eden is your one-stop shop for every need. You can collect your sealants at the same time as picking up your windows and doors. For areas within 150 miles of Swindon, we can deliver them.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

We only offer sealants that have been approved by Liniar as reaching the highest levels of performance.
Colour Matching
To create a unified look across your project, our sealants are available in 9 colours to match the rest of the collection.
Ready To Collect
For your convenience, our sealants are ready to collect with your windows, doors, roofs or any other home improvements.
Weather Resistant
Our sealants are highly effective at keeping out the weather. They will prevent rain, wind or snow from entering a property.
We offer a silicone sealant that is specifically designed to combat mould growth. This is ideal for humid or damp areas.
Fast Drying
In order to help keep our installers on the go, our sealants are designed to dry very quickly. Some even dry in an hour!

Convenient Delivery

To ensure that we make life as straightforward as possible for our customers, we offer delivery to any area within a 150-mile radius of our Swindon headquarters. So, if you are a trade company based in Wales, Northampton, Somerset, Bournemouth, Sussex or any neighbouring areas, you can enjoy sealants delivered to your door. Don’t delay, get in touch with Garden of Eden today.

Complete Collection

Here at Garden of Eden, we offer the full Liniar range, from windows and doors to sealants. As a result, we can ensure that all of our products complement each other, meaning that you can guarantee a united, harmonious finished look for your project. Further to this, offering a complete collection means that you only need to visit us, saving you time and hassle.

Leading Liniar Quality

Liniar have been a leading player in the home improvement industry for decades, meaning that they produce quality products at the forefront of the market. When their expertise is combined with our own 40 years of experience and knowledge, the result is superior, reliable and high performing sealants. Come to Garden of Eden and offer your customers the very best there is.

Reasonably Priced

Here at Garden of Eden, we are committed to offering quality products for competitive prices. That is because we believe that performance shouldn’t be compromised by price. When you come to us, you’ll be able to benefit from our commitment. As a result, you will be able to stay competitive within your local area, attracting more customers and growing your business.

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