fixing and packers

Fixings And Packers

  • Liniar approved quality for long lifespan
  • Strong and effective solution
  • Fast, reliable delivery within 150 miles
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Range of sizes to suit every need
  • Self-drilling screws for convenience

Features & Benefits

Concrete Frame Screws
As part of our fixings and packers range, we offer concrete frame screws. These provide a rapid and effective anchoring system that works in all manner of materials, including concrete, brick and wood.
Baypole Screws
Another element in our collection of fixings and packers is baypole screws. These are ideal for joining uPVC elements. They are even self drilling, meaning you can do two jobs at once!
Glazing Packers
Our glazing packers are robust, sturdy and available in 6 different widths and colours. Like the rest of our fixings and packers collection, they are designed to offer you convivence and performance.
Various Colours
To ensure that you can find the perfect option for our project, our fixing and packers are available in a variety of colours. You can make the finished look perfect down to the last detail.
Convenient Quantities
Our fixings and packers come in quantities of a thousand. This cost-effective size means that you can enjoy the best value for money. It also allows you to keep track of your supplies.
One-Stop Shop
You can collect your fixings and packers at the same time as your windows, doors or other home improvements. This means that you can save time by getting everything you need from one place.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Premium Materials
The fixings and packers that we offer are created using the best materials. They won’t bend or snap when under pressure.
Colour Options
Our fixings and packers are available in a range of colours. You can choose the perfect shade to suit your project.
Range Of Sizes
We know that one size often does not fit all. That is why we offer our fixings and packers in a variety of measurements.
We box our fixings and packers in units of a thousand. You can enjoy value for money by buying in larger quantities.
Reliable Delivery
As with all of our products, we strive to make the delivery of our fixings and packers as efficient as possible.
Innovative Design
Our fixings and packers are designed to be as convenient as possible. For example, our baypole screws are self drilling.

Expansive Delivery Area

To ensure that we make life as simple and stress free as possible for our customers, we offer delivery to any area within 150 miles of our base in Swindon. This includes trade companies in Wales, Northampton, Somerset, Bournemouth, Sussex or any neighbouring locations. So, if you are based in these areas and are looking for a new trade supplier, contact Garden of Eden today.

One-Stop Shop

Here at Garden of Eden, we don’t just offer a collection of fixings and packers. We offer everything that you might need for your project. From small details like screws and sealants, to windows and doors, we offer it all. By stocking this extensive range in our warehouse, we make life easier for our customers. With us, you only need to visit one place to get all your supplies.

Family Run

We have been serving the trade for over 40 years. For the entire time we have been in the industry, we have been a family run business. We are immensely proud to be a family company because it means that we have decades of knowledge that have been passed down from generation to generation. When you come to Garden of Eden, you’ll benefit from our wealth of experience.

Competitive Prices

To ensure that we help our customers become increasingly more successful, we offer our quality products for affordable prices. This means that you can stay competitive in your area, while making sure that homeowners remain satisfied and happy. Our fixings and packers are also boxed in thousands, meaning that you can benefit from the best value for money.

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If you are interested in switching to Garden of Eden for trade supply, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fill in your details on our online form, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can speak to us in person by giving us a call on 01793 530 808. We look forward to hearing from you.