• Cost-effective finishing touch for your project
  • Superior weather protection for any property
  • Quality, low maintenance uPVC from Liniar
  • Reliable delivery within 150 miles of Swindon
  • Range of stunning colours to choose from
  • Impressively short lead times

Features & Benefits

Transform A Property
Installing cladding is the ideal way to add visual appeal to any property. Add interest to a new build or transform the look of a traditional home with this stunning home improvement option.
Resurgence Windows
Weather Defence
Cladding is a simple and easy way to protect a property from extreme weather conditions. These uPVC panels add a layer of defence against wind and rain that is both stylish and effective.
Variety Of Colours
Our collection of cladding is available in a wide range of colours. The range we offer spans from subtle, natural timber shades to bolder, brighter tones. There is something to suit every style of property.
Commercial And Residential
Cladding is the ideal way to add style and protection to any type of property. Whether your project is a residential home or a large commercial build, such as a school, cladding is cost-effective and straightforward.
10-Year Guarantee
As with all Liniar products, our range of Liniar cladding comes with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee against warping or discolouration. This means you and your customers can enjoy complete peace of mind.
Low Maintenance
Our range of cladding is made from premium uPVC. The coloured coating won’t peel, flake or crack. As a result, they don’t need to be painted to stay looking fresh. Instead, they only need a simple wipe.

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Innovative Liniar Profile

Made In Britain
From design to finishing, Liniar cladding is fully made in Britain. We are proud to support our local industry and community.
100% Recycled
Liniar cladding uses excess material that would otherwise go to waste. The finished product is also fully recyclable.
Matching Appearance
Our cladding matches the range of Liniar windows and doors that we offer. You can create a unified look across your project.
Fire Resistant
Liniar cladding has been tested to ensure it reaches high fire resistance standards. Some boards are Class 1 fire rated.
Range Of Colours
To ensure that we offer cladding to suit any project, we can finish the boards in a range of colours, including woodgrain foils.
Low Maintenance
Due to the use of high quality uPVC and factory bonded coatings, our range of cladding is very low maintenance.

Wide Delivery Area

Here at Garden of Eden, we are committed to offering a quality trade supply service to as many companies as possible. To ensure that we can fulfil this goal, we offer delivery to all areas within a 150-mile radius of our headquarters in Swindon. So, if you are a trade company based in Wales, Northampton, Somerset, Bournemouth, Sussex or any neighbouring locations, get in touch.

Efficient Service

We know that you don’t want to be left waiting by your trade supplier, having to delay work until your order arrives. That is why at Garden of Eden, we aim to keep lead times as short as possible. We try to ensure fast lead times by keeping as many of our products in stock at all times. As a result, we can deliver your order sooner, meaning you can complete more projects and satisfy more customers.

Decades Of Experience

The Garden of Eden team has been creating quality products for trade for over 40 years. Further to this, they are a family business, with many founding members still working there today. As a result of this, we can boast decades of experience and knowledge, which has been passed down from generation to generation. When you order from Garden of Eden, you will benefit from our skill.

Competitive Prices

Here at Garden of Eden, we have worked with enough trade companies to know that affordability is essential. In order to stay competitive in your local area and attract more customers, you need to be able to offer reasonable prices. At the same time, we believe that low prices should never be at the expense of quality. That is why we offer our premium quality cladding for low prices.


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